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With this Silverlight and WPF control you can create interactive timelines. The control is inspired by Simile Timeline Control (which is implemented with ajax). It is completely based on templates and styles, so it is possible to provide different style for events and timeline itself. Please suggest features and vote for the project if interested. You can use it directly from HTML (for those who are not working with Silverlight or WPF) or include it into your Silverlight/WPF projects.


The control is developed under very friendly BSD license. If you do not know what this means, it's that the library or source code can be used, reused and sold as part of your commercial project without need to change your code license or pay for the control.


Brief documentation located here:


You can run live demo version from here: - example with some custom styles - simple example that uses default styles

Note: these samples provided from Source Code section sources.


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