Adding Custom TimelineEvent

Dec 30, 2010 at 11:57 PM


first I want to describe the situation.

Here is a code snippet:

ObservableCollection<Entry> liste = new EntrieModel().GetEntries;
List<TimelineEvent> tlist = new List<TimelineEvent>();
foreach (Entry item in liste){


 TimelineEvent tevent = new TimelineEvent();

            tevent.StartDate = tevent.EndDate = Datum;
            tevent.Description = Betreff;
            tevent.Id = Art;
            tevent.IsDuration =false;
            tevent.Title = Art + " " + Kontaktname;
            tevent.EventColor = "Blue";


This is the way I'm adding Events to the timeline.

After that if I select an event i've got an Exception like DependencyProperty.UnsetValue isn't a valid value for property "Foreground".


Do you have an issue why this is happen ?


Thanks MVolpi