Display events customization

Apr 17, 2017 at 6:48 PM

I use property TimelineEvent.RowOverride to customize the timeline and it works fine if I calculate this property before calling the TimelineTray.ResetEvents method.
But I also need to recalculate the TimelineEvent.RowOverride property after the user changes the size of the component. Is there any convenient way to achieve it?

The methods TimelineTray.OnSizeChanged and TimelineTray.RefreshEvents are not virtual. The only way I've found is removing the handler from the SizeChanged event and add my custom handler that implements the calculation of the TimelineEvent.RowOverride property and then calls the TimelineTray.RefreshEvents method.

it would be great if the methods TimelineTray.OnSizeChanged or TimelineTray.RefreshEvents were virtual.

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